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Sales 24hr: 337-523-7049 | Operations 24hr: 337-534-4323
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GO Marine Services offers the following qualified support staff for Onshore and Offshore operations:


Galley Hands and BR Hands will assist the cook with the daily preparation and serving of meals and the maintenance of housekeeping duties at the workplace facility according to customer contract specifications.  They are responsible for cleaning and maintaining galley area including hallways, stairways and storage areas.  They will make beds, clean restrooms, sweep and mop floors.  Under the direction of the cook, they will prepare and serve appropriate foods and clean and sanitize dishes, utensils, and reusable containers.  They are responsible for cleaning and organizing the pantry, walk-ins, and freezers while ensuring proper rotation of perishables.  They will also participate in safety activities such as meetings, inspections and demonstrations.

Camp Bosses

Camp Bosses are responsible for the operational activities in the camp, rig, or vessel they are assigned.  They manage the support staff and ensures all food, products, and materials are in conformity with the company standards.  They carry out regular inspections of the common areas, galley, and food stores (both dry and cold rooms) in order to confirm  that cleaning and maintenance work has been performed in accordance with company and client standards.


Cooks are responsible for preparing nutritional and timely meals for the crews, clients and contractors as directed.  Our cooks will plan the menu and manage the grocery inventory.  They will monitor food temperatures and confirm that all food is cooked adequately. Cooks are responsible for the maintenance of the galley and dining areas to ensure the continuity and quality of all meal processes.  They will participate in safety activities such as meetings, inspections and demonstrations.

Decontamination Services

Go Marine Services can provide Covid-19 decontamination services both offshore and on-shore.  Our technicians use fogging machines to apply an EPA approved disinfectant that kills the virus within minutes.  Go Marine Services follows Pathogen Cleaning Protocols written by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).  These protocols focus on top-down disinfecting with an emphasis on High Touch Points (HTP’s).  All of our technicians have undergone Pathogen Cleaning training and proper PPE training. 

Protected Species Observer (PSO)

The main role of the Protected Species Observer is to enable compliance in accordance with the stipulated mitigation measures of the project.  PSO’s will document and generate reports regarding the compliance aspects and act as a source of information on marine wildlife and other environmental matters associated with the project. They are responsible, impartial and unbiased during operations that require mitigation efforts and reporting.  PSOs are involved in a wide range of monitoring activities such as standard visual monitoring, passive and active acoustic monitoring, aerial surveys, dirigible and ROV surveys among others.  Although the majority of the PSO focus revolves around Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles, PSOs often deal with a number of other wildlife groups such as birds and fish.


Riggers are responsible for the loading and unloading of equipment and materials in and around the job site.  They will confirm the aligning and anchoring of the materials are rigged safely and ready to be lifted.  Riggers will work as directed to ensure slings, shackles, rigging, tools, and materials are in good working condition and are stored when the task is completed.  They will participate in Job Safety Analysis and all other health and environmental processes.  Break down rigging equipment and conduct post-rigging inspections. 


Roustabouts are responsible for chipping, cleaning, painting, and removal of rust spots from the deck, structure, or facility using hand tools or needle guns.  Roustabouts will sweep and wash decks using brooms, brushes, mops, or pressure washing equipment.  They will perform general cleanup and maintenance duties as directed by the captain or company man.   

Turnkey Catering Services

Go Marine Services can provide both on and offshore catering services.   We have provided meals during disaster relief efforts as well as on site catering for corporate meetings and training seminars. Go Marine Services can set up grocery orders and provide equipment for food storage. 

Vessel Crewing

  • Captains and Dynamic Positioning Officers
    The Captain is responsible to the operations manager for the safe and efficient running of the vessel he/she has been appointed to command. The company relies upon the Captain to set a high standard of personal and professional conduct and to set an example to the officers and crew under his/her command.  The Captain will, at all times, give attention to the safety of the ship and crew and will ensure that safe working practices are always employed.
  • Engineers (Licensed and Unlicensed)
    The Engineer is responsible for carrying out orders from the captain. The engineer’s duties include maintaining the vessel’s machinery, cleaning the engine room and all machinery, and maintaining the engine room logs.  The engineer must be familiar with the use of hand tools and the machinery layout of the vessel. 
  • AB/OS/Deckhand
    Responsible for keeping the vessel in a clean and tidy condition and works under the direction of the Captain. They must be familiar with all necessary deck functions including mooring and securing the vessel.  They perform a variety of duties to preserve painted surfaces of the ship and to maintain lines, running gear and cargo handling gear in safe operating condition.